• Before using the machine, anoint the cloth piece with a teaspoon of oil
  • Pulling the cloth Toward the bottom of the Standard, So it is not crooked, Then placing the leaf of grapes on the cloth piece. .)Image no, 1-2)
  • Put the stuffing of rice in the underside of the leaf of grapes.)Image no, 3)
  • After doing of the previous steps, the machine is ready. You only have to move the arm toward the bottom to get the wrapped leaf grapes.)Image no, 4-5)
  • Örnek Resim

  • Before use the machine you must washed it in Dishwasher with hot water between 40°- 60° Celsius
  • Before using the machine preferably visit our website and watch the video of Use

  • Three Standards of the machine for using;
  • Lower standard: No. 1 For Thin use of the rolling.
  • Middle standard: No. 2 for Medium use of the rolling.
  • High standard: No. 3 for thick use of the rolling.

Three big private differences maked it different from the othersFlutto Roll grape leaves machine

TSE Certificate

Approved by Turkish Standards Institute

Machine Washable

Flutto Roll grape leaves machine
Washable between 40 ° -60 ° in Dishwasher

Health Appropriate

Flutto Roll grape leaves machine
Produced is Appropriate materials for Your health